There are many ways you can tune-in to BritCom 1, 2 & 3

BritCom 1, 2  & 3 are encoded using the MP3 format.

Web Based Player

Use the ‘red’ ‘Listen Live’ buttons to launch our pop-up players for BritCom 1, 2 & 3

Android and  iOS devices

Download the Pumpkin FM – Old Time Radio Network App, available for Android mobiles, tablets, Chrome TV, Amazon Fire Phone & Amazon Fire Tablets.

Pumpkin FM App on Google Play Store



For Apple (iOS) & Windows devices, we recommend that you download the Tunein App which is available for Android, iOS & Windows Mobile devices.  Links: Android Version  Apple iOS   Windows Phone

PLEASE NOTE: We have had reports that the app stops working when the screen on a mobile device or tablet switches off. If you experience this problem, please give the app permission to run in the background and remove it from the list of apps that battery optimization turns off when the screen is not in use. 

Settings >> Device Maintenance >> Battery >> UnMonitored Apps >> Add Apps – “Add Pumpkin FM Old Time Radio Network App”

The above settings are correct for Phones running Android version 8 and was tested on a Samsung S8 Plus. Other OS versions and mobile phones may vary! 

Desktop Player

We recommend Winamp for Windows desktop PC’s. You can download a copy here

Once installed, click on one of the three links below to launch the Winamp player. The first time you click a link, Windows will ask you which program you would like to use to open it. Choose Winamp. Tick always use this program.

  1. BritCom 1 – listen.pls
  2. BritCom 2 – listen.pls
  3. BritCom 3 – listen.pls

I Need the Stream URL / IP address and Port number for My Internet Radio

  1. BritCom 1  (128Kbps stream) IP:   Port: 8175
  2. BritCom 2 (128Kbps stream)  IP:   Port: 8022
  3. BritCom 3 (128Kbps stream)  IP:   Port: 8200

I Need a secure link / SSL Stream URL 

  1. BritCom 1  (128Kbps stream)
  2. BritCom 2 (128Kbps stream)
  3. BritCom 3 (128Kbps stream)