V for Victory (British Comedy B Movies)


The British comedy B Movies of the 1940s probably did as much for morale during the WWII than many of the blockbusters and Hollywood produced films. The likes of Old Mother Riley, Gert & Daisy and the stable of eccentrics from John E. Blakeley’s Mancunian Films including Norman Evans and the irrepressible Frank Randle kept audiences laughing. Although these films were made on the slimmest of budgets they all made a great deal of money.

SEE: http://www.hoydpublishing.co.uk for details of the Frank Randle Biography ‘Wired to the Moon’. —- “The life, and what a life, of this wild man of British comedy is told in impressive detail in [Wired to the Moon]. A warts and all story of a man who, to this day, is regarded as possibly England’s finest comic actor. Wired to the Moon is a fitting tribute to mark the 50th anniversary of [Randles] death. Anyone who remembers Frank Randle with fondness will enjoy the book”. (Oldham Evening Chronicle)

SEE: http://www.hoydpublishing.co.uk for details of the John E. Blakeley / Mancunian story ‘Hooray for Jollywood’. —— “The book is a splendid evocation of a golden era of Mancunian and Lancastrian humour a book I could happily read over and over again”. (Manchester Evening News). ***** “a must for all movie buffs”. (Tameside Reporter). ***** “This book is a ‘must-have’ for anybody interested in the subject matter contained here. I cannot think of any other work which so comprehensively tells us about this much-missed man and the films he made”. (Peter Pollard – George Formby Society)


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