Five Fingers – 1952 (Cicero) German Spy in The Britain Embassy at Ankara Turkey


Elyesa Bazna was an Albanian from Kosovo who spied for the Germans during the Second World War, and was widely known by his code name Cicero. Elyesa Bazna was a famous World War II secret agent. Principally motivated by a feeling of power, he sold information to the Germans through their attaché Ludwig Carl Moyzisch, in Turkey Ankara in what became known as the Cicero affair. The information that he leaked is believed to have been potentially among the more damaging disclosures made by a Second World War spy but conflicts inside the highest echelons of the German government meant that little if any of it was acted upon.

1953 Golden Globes: Best Screenplay
1953 Edgar Allan Poe Awards: Best Film

Mankiewicz’s Oscar-winning director, II. Nazi Germany in World War II spy working for the most important of which tells the true story of Elijah Bazna Five Fingers, the first major international productions in Istanbul. Elyesa Bazna, Britain’s ambassador to Turkey while working as a servant of the secret documents leaked, the German ambassador Franz von Papen. In fact, the fact that the only purpose of life was to live a comfortable and convenient. The film was nominated for two Academy Awards, only “where there are no” is not the streets of Istanbul, Ankara also’re watching those days.
5 Fingers
Five Finger Movie English Subtitle – beş parmak casus filmi Türkçe Altyazı
German Spy at The Britain Embassy


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