1955 Classic Ealing Comedy The Ladykillers : Railway Tunnel Location (RIP Herbert LOM)


With Peter Sellers, Alec Guinness, Cecil Parker, Herbert Lom. The location shown in the video is the “back” of Mrs Wilberforce’s house, this is where the railway disappears into the tunnel. This allows the bodies of the criminals to be got rid of by dropping them into passing railway gravel wagons. Many scenes of railway activity was filmed from this location however most of the dramatic action was filmed in a studio. The front of the house was of course in Argyll Street, St Pancras several miles away.

(Sorry the video is poor with too fast camera movement..)

The best way to access this is via Vale Royal off the York Rd.

In the film you see many train movements and even today this is true though they are no longer steam trains. The gantry which deals the final blow to the last robber is not the same of course. The main decorative feature of the railway tunnel entrance are the two turrets , in the film however these have a different shape showing that a studio mock-up was used instead.

There is something a bit surreal about this location with the constant train movements (see if you feel this if you watch the movie or visit the location).

When I first visited these locations in 2000 this area had not been redeveloped and you could still find the location of the actual robbery.

The tunnel is called Copenhagen Tunnel (1849) (Brian B) as there was formerly the Danish Ambassador’s Residence


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